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AC & Hygiene Technology

Our core business focuses on cutting costs and optimizing the energy efficiency of existing systems (certified according to DIN 1946-4)in the health care industry. Within Europe we serve hospitals, clinics, doctor’s operating facilities as well as outpatient surgical centers. We are TÜV certified and specialize in turnkey installations including ceiling, wall and gas installations. Our customers rely on our special constructions designed especially to accommodate on-site circumstances.

We mount air conditioner systems according to your specifications, either in a box-shaped casing, on the ceiling or as a cabinet unit. We gladly provide accessories such as lint collectors and Hepa filter diffusers and a large range of services.


Ventilation Systems
  • Detect adverse external and internal conditions (i.e. non-opening windows, interior rooms, strongly polluted outside air)
  • Reduce the concentration of microorganisms (infection prophylaxis) and     particle polution
  • Reduce the content of harmful gases and odors
  • Thermal management
  • Compensation maintenance of a physiological and comfortable room climate
  • Energy management optimization


Surgery examples compliant with DIN 1946-4 12/08 operating rooms class Ia
  • Neurosurgical procedures with a particularly high risk of infection
  • Orthopedic and trauma surgery (i.e. total endoprothesis of the knee and hip), gynecology (i.e. breast implants)
  • General surgery (i.e.. hernia mesh implants)
  • Cardiac/vascular surgery (i.e. vascular protheses)
  • Transplants (i.e. entire organs)
  • Lengthy tumor surgeries with a large open surgery incisions
  • Particularly lengthy surgeries


Surgery examples compliant with DIN 1946-4 12/08 operating rooms class Ib
  • Small implants (i.e. coronary stent)
  • Invasive angiography and cardiac catheterization
  • Minimally-invasive surgery procedures
  • Endoscopic examinations of sterile body cavities, short surgery duration, small incisions